How to Check EPF Balance?


There are various ways to check EPF balance and to be precise, you can check EPF Balance with 4 different ways. Here is how you can do it.


You can go to EPF India Passbook Portal by clicking here and you can login to your account by simply entering your details. Once that is done, you can click on your PF number on the left hand side review the passbook to check the balance of your account. This will also give you the break-up of all the contribution made by you.


It is also possible to check the EPF balance with help of the SMS and to check the balance through SMS you need to send a message on 7738299899. The content of the message should be EPFOHO UAN. The portal supports various languages and hence to get a message in a regional language like Hindi, you can type the message as EPFOHO UAN HIN.

Missed Call

Another easy way to check the EPF balance is by giving a missed call on a number. The number for same is 011-22901406. If you give a missed call on this number then you will receive a message with the balance in your EPF account.

Umang App

Earlier, it was M-Sewa App which was used to check the balance in EPF account but that has been phased out and the official government app to check the EPF balance is Umang App. It is advisable to use the official app instead of using any third party app to check the balance.

You can use any of these ways to check the EPF balance however, it must be noted that to be able to check the balance, your UAN must be active and linked to KYC documents.

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