How to check Land Records in Karnataka Online?

In the August month of 2008, the Government of India successfully launched the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP). According to some surveys and reports, this program was launched just to convert the paper-based land records in the digital land records.

There was a time when people have to visit their regional land record office to collect information about their land but now all of your land records are now available online. Transparency is the main word that you have got as a result of the NLRMP.

To check your land records or property records now, you have to browse the official website of your state’s land record department. It is quite possible that someone has illegally occupied some lands or properties but with the help of this special program now no one can easily do so. If you are the one who wants to check the land records in Karnataka state then you have to go through some easy steps.

Easy steps to check your land records in Karnataka online If you easily want to check your land records in Karnataka online then just follow the next steps now:

·         First of all,  follow this link now to reach the official land records department of Karnataka Government ·

From here, you will have to click on the citizen’s services ·

After following this step, you will have to choose the desired check land record option ·

Later on, if the information about your district, village or city asked then submit that asked information as soon as possible ·

Take a look at your land records These steps would be enough for the citizens of Karnataka who want to check their land records online. If you are looking for other indian states land records follow