How to Clean Your Steam Iron


Almost all of us use steam iron at home. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to clean the same. The following article helps you understand the steps that go into the cleaning of the steam iron:

The things that you need for the purpose are vinegar, water, may be a spatula, towel, clean cloth, ironing board, as well as fresh water.

In order to clean your iron, you need to mix water and white vinegar. The part of the iron where the water is collected needs to be filled with this particular vinegar solution. If you want to buy one look the review here:

Post the above step, the temperature of the steam iron should be increased to its maximum and the setting should be that of a cotton.

Now that the steam iron has become hot, all you need to do is run the solution through the iron. Hand towel can be used as the base and should be placed on the board where you would like to iron. You need to continue this practice for a total of one and a half to two minutes.

Now that the process is complete, the remaining vinegar solution should be bought out. The water holding part of the steam iron should now be filled with fresh water.

Thus, as is clear from the above article, the process of cleaning steam iron is really easy and be completed at virtually zero cost.

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