How to link AADHAR with the SIM Card


On the basis of the biometric and demographic data of the Indian resident, the government of India issued AADHAAR Card with a 12-digit number. This number is very useful for your unique identification. This number is a proof of residence but not at all the proof of citizenship. This is undoubtedly has become a crucial document to establish your identity, stabilizes financial matters like filing of tax return etc.

Linking of AADHAAR number with your mobile number has multiple benefits. You can easily e-verify the IT(income tax) return using your AADHAAR number. Under this process the OTP number is sent to your mobile number that is linked with your AADHAAR. With this OTP, through online you can easily update your personal details linked to the AADHAAR. This OTP sent to your mobile is also necessary to download your e-AADHAAR. There are also other benefits of linking the mobile number to AADHAAR.

There must be two scenarios if you are looking to link your AADHAAR number with your mobile number-

  • For the first time you are linking these two numbers.
  • You’ve changed your present mobile number and wish to update AADHAAR data with this new mobile number.

The DoT or the Department of Telecommunications has introduced 3 new methods of linking AADHAAR with the mobile number. These most well-known methods are

  1. Through one time password,
  2. Through App system or the IVRS or the interactive voice response facility,
  3. To link your AADHAAR with your mobile number.

Now, any mobile holder can easily link his/her mobile number with his/her AADHAAR number without visiting any telecom service provider store.

Doorstep verification: This is very useful for those who are physically disable, ill or aged.Under this system any telecom operator is directed to verify the documents of the subscriber at his/her doorsteps for his/her convenience.

Online verification: This is also another easy method of linking these two numbers.Under this system the telecom operator builds an online system or mechanism through website or by any other ways and request for this type of service.

OTP authentication: Under this system, the operator provides OTP through SMS or IVRS or mobile app.

These three methods are very simple for linking of AADHAAR number with your mobile number.

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