Top 10 Best Diamond Jewellery Brand in India 2017


Jewelry of Diamond and Gold is the biggest possession of every woman in India. Women love to buy jewelry made up of Gold and Diamond on various occasions throughout the year, whether Festivals like Diwali , Navratras etc. or it can be Birthday or wedding Anniversary too. There are numerous Diamond and Gold manufacturers in the country due to which a buyer gets confused to rely on which one while buying costly Jewelry Items. Here is the list of the best 10 Gold and Diamond Manufacturers in the country who has sold high quality Jewelry items to the customers for several years.

10. Parineeta

parineeta diamond jewellery

This brand is from Gitanjali group which offers wedding and high end jewelry for the buyers.The entire range of jewelry consists of Earnings , necklaces , bangles etc., which suits every occasion and eery budget size too.Every piece is designed artistically as per the latest fashion trends by experienced craftsmen only.It reflects the golden era of our History and a true reflection of the heritage .

9. Rivaaz

rivaaz jewellery

It is a also a brand offered by Gitanjali group which offers high quality and purity 18k Gold CZ.It is an affordable Diamond jewelry with gold offered by the group for the buyers.It is a true reflection of traditional Jewelry with a personal touch.You can back up the brand value offered by Gitanjali group .The designs are light in weight and easy to wear on a daily basis, so value for money preposition for every buyer.

8. Kiah


The brand is famous for its latest styled chic designs and diamonds are available with both white and yellow gold.The purity of the gold is available in 14K and 18K for the buyers.The diamonds used in the jewelry are natural diamonds which are high in clarity and rich in colors.

7. Nakshatra

Nakshatra diamond jewellery

It is again a brand offered by Gitanjali group where focus is to provide high quality Diamond jewelry for women. The entire range offers the latest styled rings, necklace, bangles etc. for the buyers. It was introduced in the year 2000 by the group.

6. Nirvana

Nirvana diamond jewellery

It is a 15 year old Diamond Jewelry brand in the country by Gitanjali group.The designs are manufactured in Mumbai only .It uses the latest technology pressure technique, manufacture high quality Jewelry items for buyers. The Jewelry pieces are Nickle safe and Amunuim safe because it will be in regular contact with the woman wearing it.

5. Gili

Gili diamond jewellery

One more brand by Gitanjali group which was launched in the year 1994.It shifts in the buying trend of the customers from rare occasions to jewelry for every occasion.It was a pioneer brand in the Diamond Jewelry which made the Diamonds affordable and easily available for the buyers.It has around 150 outlets and a pioneer seller in the market.

4. PCJ

pc jewellers

The manufacturer offers both Gold and diamond Jewelry to the customers which is certified and hall marked to give high quality end products only.It has around 54 stores and try to make a presence in every city of the country.

3. Asmi

asmi jewellery

Diamond Jewelry brand offered by Gitanjali group for the women who think about their individuality and identity.It was launched in the year 2002 and reflects the inner freedom of every woman in the country.The designs offered by the brand are feminine and delicate in looks.You will find a range of options in Rings , necklace, earrings, mangalsutra etc.

2. D’Damas

d'damas jewellery

It is one of the most popular diamond selling brand in the country.It offers a vast collection of Fancy Diamond Jewelry designs.It is a joint venture between Gitanjali and Damas group from Dubai in the country.It offers diamond watches too, along with exquisite designs of Jewelry range.The pillars of demos are craftsmanship, innovation and trust which it offers to the buyers.The Jewelry range starts from Anklet, bracelets, earrings , rings , neck pieces , pendant , bangle etc.

1. Tanishq

tanishq jewellery

It is the top most selling brand of the country which is loved and trusted by most of the buyers across the country.It offers a range of Diamond and Gold Jewelry to the buyers which is designed as per latest fashion trends only.The collection range offered by Tanishq are Divyam , Zuhur , inara , iva and many more.

Manufacturers who are selling Diamond Jewelry in his country are certified and authorized from government departments. So you need not to worry about the Jewelry quality .You should select the brand on the basis of the design or type of jewelry you want.

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