Top 10 Most Dangerous Terror Attacks in Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir, a state of India has suffered long standing political conflict. The militancy and insurgency of the state have killed many civilians, army, CRPF and policemen. There have been deaths of politicians as well. The start of the insurgency can be found since the 1947. India has blamed Pakistan backed terrorists LeT, JeM and lately Hizbul to carry out many massacre and terror attacks in the valley. There have been many attacks in J&K but here are the 10 most dangerous terrorists’ attacks.

10. 1995 Kidnapping

6 Foreign Tourists were abruptly kidnapped from the valley by Al Faran. The tourists came from the western countries and the militants kidnapped them. One person was beheaded and four went missing and later presumed dead. However, one among them was successful to flee from the clutches. This was one of the terrorist attacks that shocked the country.

9. Kashmir Massacre

From 1997 to 1998, Islamic Militants attacked different parts of Kashmir to kill the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits. Sangrampora, Wandhama, Prankote, Champanari were some of the places where militants stormed into the houses of Hindu families and mercilessly killed them. The estimated official count of death were 80, but the locals say the actual count was more than that. The militants used to dress up like army and kill people.

8. Amarnath Pilgrimage Massacre

In 2000, the militants attack the pilgrims of Amarnath and almost 30 devotees and pilgrims were killed. This terrorist attack shocked the nation and after the incident the security of the Amarnath Pilgrimage was tightened. This was believed to be carried out by the Islamic Terrorists who target the Non-Muslims in Kashmir.


7. Chittisingpur Massacre

The LeT militants stormed into the small village and killed at least 36 Sikh people. This was one of the deadliest attack where militants mercilessly killed the innocent Sikh people.

6. Qasim Nagar Massacre

In 2002, armed militants, believed to be from LeT, threw hand grenades at the busy Qasim Nagar Market in Srinagar, before fleeing. The terror attack killed at least 27 people including Army, Police and Civilians. This was one of the worst terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.

5. Nadimarg Massacre

LeT again killed at least 24 Hindus in the Nadimarg area of Kashmir in 2003. The terrorist attack was planned to kill the Non-Muslims by the militants.

4. Raghunath Temple Attacks

In 2002, militants and the Fidayeen Squad of the militants targeted Raghunath temple. First on March 30, two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the temple and killed 11 more people, mostly security personnel. However, the suicide bombers again attacked the temple on November 24, the same year and killed at least 14 this time. Over 100 people were injured in the terror attacks.

3. Srinagar Bombing

A Car Bomb was exploded in the Church lane area and killed at least 4 Indian Army personnel. The terrorist attacks were carried out by the Hizbul Mujahideen which operates from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

2. J&K Assembly Attacks

In 2001, militants, bombed the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and killed at least 38 people. This is considered one of the worst attacks on the Jammu and Kashmir by the terrorists. The Srinagar area came in shock after the militants carried out the attack.

1. Uri Attack

Uri Attack in J&K

In September, 2016, militants believed to be from JeM stormed the Army Base Camp in Uri and 18 soldiers were martyred. The attackers had the weapons and food with the level of Pakistan and this attack strained the relationship between the two countries.

The terrorists’ attacks in J&K have been purposeful. The attacks were either carried out to disturb democracy or targeted the Non-Muslims or for the security personnel. The militants who infiltrate from the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir have resulted many bloodbaths in the state.


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