Top 4 Best Washing Machine Brands In India 2019

When we enter the market to shop for any electronic appliances, we often get overwhelmed with several options these days. So, choosing the right option is not that easy these days. Washing machines are one of the important appliances for our home. You just can’t make a wrong choice and buy it again. It takes a lot of research and some comparison shopping when buying washing machines and other large appliances.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best brands making washing machines in India you can consider when buying a new washing machine under 10K. When it comes to choose the best washing machine brand, different users have different needs. Some people prefer top load semi-automatic some go with front load washing machine. No matter what kind of washing machine you go for, always choose the best brand in India.


Samsung is a household name in terms of quality and reliability as it brings a great brand value. Samsung is well regarded as one of the best washing machine brands in the country. It uses latest technology in its complete range to serve the diverse needs of users. Samsung performs in-depth market research and brings major changes accordingly in washing machines.


It is one of the leading brands when it comes to choose the best home appliances. Whirlpool is one of the best brands for manufacturing washing machines of different ranges. Since 1911, this American brand has been in various customizations and technological innovations in their home appliances. Gentle tumbling wash, water jet wash, and sensor based detection of load are some of the best features in its washing machines.


LG is a leading player in home appliances sector. The washing machines from LG are well regarded for its tremendous and powerful performance. LG is one of the leading washing machine brands in the country and it offers a complete range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, front and top load washing machines. It is one of the leaders in innovation.


It was the first brand which brought the drum inclined front load washing machines. They offer a huge range of washing machines, including front load and top load. It features direct drive technology in front load washing machines. Hence, it is one of the leading brands for washing machines in India. They use latest technology for quick wash with less noise. The U-Sonic stain remover is another great feature to prevent even stubborn stains.

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