Top 5 High Speed Trains in India 2018

The Indian Railway offers a variety of features, discount and offers to ensure that the customers have smooth travel experience. IRCTC, subsidiary of Indian Railway promotes the better user experience in every single way. Just like other countries, India features technological advancement from AI-powered chatbots to superfast trains. The bullet trains are not yet introduced but we have a huge number of superfast trains that is vast and promotes commercial speed. Although there are more than 20 fastest trains in India, many people might have good travel experience with the top 10 fastest trains in India. These trains are not just superfast but also features luxurious coach and sophisticated tourism facilities. Let us discuss the top 5 High Speed trains in India.

1. Gatiman Express:

Gateman Express is recently launched super fast train running between Agra and New Delhi with a rocket speed of 160 km/hr. This super fast train posses luxurious coach facility to attract more and more customers. The way train hosts serve food facilities, AC chair, Luxury HB coaches are excellent. One of the most interesting facts about the Gatiman Express is it is the first semi High-Speed Train in India.

2. Mumbai Rajdhani Express

The Mumbai Rajdhani Express was introduced on 17th May 1972. Unlike other trains, you can enjoy the current reservation facility in which the reservation charts are prepared just 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the train. This is the reason why Mumbai Rajdhani Express is not just the super fast train but also very popular and efficient express among the locals. This popular train has empathized in the Indian Movie ‘The Rajdhani Express’. The Mumbai Rajdhani Express runs between Delhi and Mumbai with the speed of 130 km/hr,

3. Sealdah – New Delhi Duronto Express

Sealdah Duronto Express is the 3rd fastest Train In India. This superfast train runs between New Delhi and Sealdah. It is considered as the fastest rain on the Gran Chord route. This super fast train is a nonstop express train that operates as train number 12259 from Sealdah to New Delhi. As per the railway budget 2008, sealdah is the first Duronto Express launched recently.

4. Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi express

At number 4, we have New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi Express, which is also coined as Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi express. It is the fourth fastest train In India. It got the name of Kanpur Reverse Shatabadi express as It follows the reverse schedule of the Lucknow Shatabdi express.

5. Howrah Rajdhani

Last but not least, Howrah Rajdhani is considered as the fastest and most efficient train in India.  Interestingly, Howrah Rajdhani is also coined as ‘the king of Indian Trains’ due to its luxurious catering facility. It is fully functioned with air conditional facilities. Indian railway is a highly responsible authority which handles route, reservation, seat availability, train fare, online booking and much more. It is still striving towards the technology to launch the most powerful superfast trains in the near future.