Which stove is good for cooking gas stove or electric stove?

In earlier days, firewood was used for cooking and it caused a lot of pollution and many respiratory diseases in the long run. The introduction of gas into the kitchen improved productivity and health among women and many pieces of research show that pressure cooking prevents evaporation of nutrients and support the longevity of individuals. 

When you need to remodel your kitchen and want to change the old stove, the first question that comes into your mind is, whether to choose a gas stove or an electric induction cooktop. Many of us feel that electric stove is comfortable one since heating will be slow and cooking will be consistent at the best whereas some say that cooking with a gas top is faster and comfortable when you need a big meal or when you need to face morning rush to pack food for your family. Electric cooktops and gas stoves have their own set of pros and cons.

Electric cooktops

There are two kinds of popular electric cooktops available in the market. Induction cooktops and Flat surface cooktops. Electric stovetops reduce the risks of rusting burners and dripping of oil while cooking. They reduce the risk of cleaning and maintenance.  Some say that the risk involved with gas cooktops will be lesser in the induction and electric cooktops.

One risk with electric stoves is we cannot control the operation of the stove once the burner is on and we cannot control the consistency of the dish manually once we set the functionalities like warmth, frying texture, and all the stuff once the cooking started. Another issue with an induction cooktop is that it supports only specified metals and surfaces of cookware. You need to use separate cleaners for cleaning up the vessels and stovetop if you need to cook using electric stoves. Some complain that there is a risk of cancer if you use aluminum vessels and electric cooktops but there are lesser chances of such instances if the stove and cooktop are clean and hygienic.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves provide comfort and you can control the temperature and texture of the food manually during cooking. These are easy to operate and control when compared to electric cookers. These are cheaper when compared to electric stoves and cooking devices and power charges will be saved if we use gas stoves instead of electric ones. The negative points with gas stove are it is expensive when you need to install a gas line connection and you should be aware of gas leaks while operating this stove.